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Building Safety Consultant (UK)

Catalyst’s Building Safety Consultant (BSC) will work with all stakeholders across the project right up to filing the appropriate information at the completion stage. The BSC will ensure that the Accountable Person’s requirements are delivered upon; to achieve this, the BSC will work across a number of distinct areas which are detailed below:


An inspection regime will be developed with the Design Team and Builder to ensure that key building work packages are reviewed at the appropriate stages to demonstrate compliance.

This Inspection regime will be coordinated on the obi digital platform to ensure the records of due diligence are appropriately captured for the various building work packages.


The BSC will implement a benchmark regime to record the acceptable method of construction for key building elements. e.g. fire doors, fire cavity barriers, facades.

Issue Management

Where Issues are raised during the construction process, these will be managed through the obi platform to capture close-out actions accurately.

Golden Thread (Digitisation)

The BSC will guide the relevant stakeholders on how obi will be used to manage the key digital information that the Accountable Person will require to maintain the Golden Thread. The Design Team and Builder will agree on these critical documents to ensure alignment. The Design Team will review the information submissions via the Critical Documents log for efficacy on Obi.

Gateway Management

There are 3 “Gateways” identified in the Building Safety Act. These are where key interactions with the Building Regulator occur. At these points, it is required to demonstrate that the necessary information is available for the Building works to proceed to the next stage. Failure to satisfy these requirements has the potential to result in major programme disruptions.

The Building Safety Consultant will facilitate and manage these interactions on behalf of the Accountable Person.


The Building Safety Consultant will process the Phased and Final submissions to the Building Regulator on behalf of the Accountable Person.

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