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GRESB Partner

Catalyst offers GRESB partner services to assist real estate clients with the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) reporting process. As a GRESB partner, Catalyst provides expert guidance and support to real estate companies throughout the GRESB reporting cycle.

Catalyst’s GRESB partner services include an initial assessment of the client’s sustainability practices and data collection methods, guidance on reporting requirements and best practices, support in completing the GRESB assessment, and a review of the final submission to ensure accuracy and completeness. In addition, Catalyst’s sustainability experts offer ongoing support and advice to help clients improve their sustainability performance and maximise their GRESB score.

By partnering with Catalyst for GRESB reporting, real estate companies can benefit from expert guidance and support to streamline the reporting process, improve their sustainability performance, and achieve a higher GRESB score.

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