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Why the name Catalyst?

Since our inception, we have prided ourselves on being a catalyst for positive change within the construction and real estate sectors. In our role as independent certifiers, we have partnered with and educated key stakeholders to drive standards and quality. This ethos has continued as we have grown our technical advisory service offerings, our ESG services and our obi (SaaS platform). At i3PT, we believe that it is possible for our clients to do good while doing well and we believe we can play an important role in catalysing change within some traditional industries.

Why did we rebrand now?

Over the last three years, our portfolio of services has grown extensively beyond our initial technical advisory services and we have developed a whole new offering around ESG with which we serve a new set of clients. We are growing outside of Ireland and for this reason, we wanted to evolve our i3PT brand to reflect our growth. We are rebranding to ensure that our brand represents the breadth of what we offer our clients.

What does the rebrand change?

Our registered company name will remain as i3PT Certification Association Limited (in Ireland) and i3PT Certification (UK) Limited (in the UK) but we will be trading as Catalyst. This will mean that our website and email addresses will be changing. Our new website will be www.catalyst-group.com and we’ll be moving to email addresses that end with @catalyst-group.com. You will see our new logo and brand everywhere you see i3PT today but clients, suppliers will still see reference to i3PT on official documentation.

Our software will remain as obi and we’ll proudly continue to serve our obi clients.

Is the i3PT team changing?

The team is not changing, we are continuing to grow and we will be building out (hiring for) our services and software teams to support our international growth. We have not been acquired by another company or merged with one so our clients will be supported by the same great people and others, who will join in the future.

What can clients expect after the rebranding process?

Clients can expect the same great services and products, which we will continue to add to after the rebrand. For example, this year we are launching new services and obi offerings specifically for the UK and its new Building Safety Act legislation. Also, this year we have launched Italian and Spanish offices with Amsterdam coming later this year.

When did the change take place?

The new brand launched officially on the 5th of July.

Who do I get in touch with if I have any questions?

You can direct any questions to info@catalyst-group.com

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