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The Building Safety Act 2022 identifies the Accountable Person (AP) as having an ongoing duty to assess building safety risk and provide Building Safety Case Reports. The AP might be the building owner, freeholder, or management company.

What information is in a Building Safety Case Report?

The Building Safety Case report is expected to contain an assessment of the building safety risks and identify the steps taken to address, mitigate and control the risks identified. The required components to of a report include:

  • Building description
  • Risk assessment and control measures
  • Safety management system
  • Reporting occurrences and complaint mechanisms
  • Resident engagement strategy


Building Safety Case Reports made easy with Catalyst’s Guidance and Software

Based on our extensive experience helping clients align with legislative changes in the construction industry, we have developed a Building Safety Case Report framework which makes is easier and faster for clients to complete reports. Our framework is delivered on our Obi software, a platform our clients have been using to digitally track quality and compliance across their real estate assets for more than 10 years.

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Compiling your Building Safety Case Reports with Catalyst and Obi

The Catalyst team will guide you through each step to build up your Building Safety Case Report which you’ll then submit to the Building Safety Regulator (BSR).

Gather Information

Review each building for scope and risk. Contact building management teams to gather KBI (Key Building Information) file for registration with the Building Safety regulator.

Register Building(s)

Register each asset with the Building Safety Regulator.

Create Safety File

Gather, structure and verify relevant building information and records for the building safety file. Review available documentation and assess for accuracy, appropriateness and if additional information or surveys are required.

Verify Information Accuracy

Verify the building safety file is reflective of the asset and measures in place. Review if remedial works are required and communicate with site teams if any defects or nonconformities raised.

Prepare and Digitize

Create safety case structure for Building Safety Regulator review. Create systems of information to be updated upon request from the Building Safety Regulator.

To learn more about our Building Safety Case Report Service, and how we can support you, contact our team.

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