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Catalyst provides LEED AP (Accredited Professional) services for new construction, core & shell, refurbishment and fit-out projects. As an accredited LEED AP consultant, Catalyst works with project teams to guide them through the LEED certification process and ensure their building achieves the highest possible sustainability rating.

The LEED AP service provided by Catalyst includes several stages. The first stage involves a pre-assessment during the project design and construction phases to identify the key sustainability issues that must be addressed. Then, during the design stage, Catalyst advises the project team on incorporating sustainable features and materials into the building design to achieve a high LEED rating.

Catalyst collaborates with the project team throughout the construction stage to ensure sustainable features and materials are implemented as intended. After construction, Catalyst assists the project team in obtaining LEED certification by reviewing the building’s sustainability performance and preparing the necessary documentation.

Catalyst’s LEED AP service is designed to help project teams achieve high levels of sustainability and environmental performance for their new construction projects. By leveraging the expertise of Catalyst’s accredited LEED AP consultants, project teams can ensure that their buildings meet the highest environmental standards while also benefiting from reduced operational costs and increased marketability.

Overall, Catalyst’s LEED AP service is a comprehensive solution that helps project teams achieve their sustainability goals and obtain LEED certification. With the support of Catalyst, project teams can confidently navigate the complex LEED certification process and deliver environmentally responsible and economically efficient buildings.

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