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BREEAM Assessor

As an accredited BREEAM Assessor, Catalyst works closely with project teams to guide them through the BREEAM certification process for new construction, core & shell, refurbishment, and fit-out projects to ensure their building achieves the highest possible sustainability rating.

The BREEAM Assessor service includes a range of stages, starting with a pre-assessment phase, where the sustainability issues that need to be addressed at the project design and construction phases are identified.

Catalyst work with the project team during the design stage to incorporate sustainable features and materials into the building design to maximise the BREEAM rating. Then, during the construction stage, Catalyst collaborates with the project team to ensure sustainable features and materials are implemented as intended.

After construction, Catalyst assists the project team in obtaining BREEAM certification by reviewing the building’s sustainability performance and preparing the necessary documentation.

Overall, Catalyst’s BREEAM Assessor service aims to help project teams achieve high levels of sustainability and environmental performance for their new construction projects. By leveraging the expertise of Catalyst’s accredited BREEAM Assessors, project teams can ensure that their buildings meet the highest environmental standards while also benefiting from reduced operational costs and increased marketability.

Catalyst offers, as an added value to BREEAM certifications, the service as a Sustainability Champion with the figure of BREEAM AP (Accredited Professional). The BREEAM AP is a specialist in built environment sustainability, environmental design, and assessment. The role of the BREEAM AP is to facilitate the project team’s efforts to successfully schedule activities, set priorities and negotiate the trade-offs required to achieve a target BREEAM rating when the design is formally assessed. With this specialist, the projects could achieve three extra credits in the certification.

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