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SmartScore AP

SmartScore AP is a service provided by Catalyst that helps real estate owners and managers to create smart and connected buildings that are both sustainable and responsive to occupants’ needs. As a SmartScore Accredited Professional (AP), we have the expertise and experience to assess, design and implement smart building technologies that optimise building performance, reduce energy consumption and improve the occupant experience.

Our team of experts can help you to evaluate, specify and procure the right technologies, as well as develop strategies for integrating them into your building operations. In addition, our proprietary obi® software can capture all critical data and demonstrate due diligence on your behalf, ensuring that your building is fully optimised and compliant with industry standards.

Whether you’re seeking to achieve sustainability goals, improve tenant satisfaction, or enhance the value of your building, our SmartScore AP services can help you to create smarter, more connected and more efficient buildings.

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