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Catalyst offers WELL AP (Accredited Professional) services to help real estate clients achieve WELL Building Standard certification, including WELL At Scale, WELL Ratings and WELL Certification. The WELL Building Standard is a performance-based certification system that focuses on improving the health and wellness of building occupants by addressing factors such as air quality, lighting, water quality, and comfort.

Catalyst’s team of WELL APs provides expert guidance and support to real estate companies seeking WELL certification, from initial assessments and gap analysis to implementation and certification. Catalyst’s services include design review, on-site testing and verification, documentation and reporting, and ongoing support to maintain WELL certification.

Catalyst’s WELL AP services also help real estate companies align with industry best practices and demonstrate their commitment to improving occupant health and wellness. By partnering with Catalyst for WELL certification, real estate companies can enhance the value of their properties, attract and retain tenants, and contribute to a healthier built environment.

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