Minimise risk.
Maximise value.

Catalyst helps European property developers to reduce their financial, physical, and compliance risks while also helping to maximise property value during design and construction.

A specialist, independent third-party, multidisciplinary team providing a clear understanding and interpretation of building legislation, back-up by practical application and a simple, software platform. We set a clear plan for success and we digitalise the implementation plan.

How we do it
  • A multidisciplinary team of senior ESG experts.
  • A full suite of building certification options.
  • Expert, fully independent analysis and technical advice.
  • Our proven, propriety, digitised platform (obi®).
  • Pan-European support and services.

The difference we make for developers

Reduced risk from building defects and allegations of greenwashing

We are dedicated to working with your teams to mitigate risks to your projects by expertly navigating the complex landscape of ESG and building safety regulations and legislation. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to identify and address potential compliance issues, reducing risk and protecting your reputation.
Built Environment ESG and Advice: ESG Consultancy & Technical Advice for Property Funds

Maximising the value of assets during design and construction

Property development is a challenging business, which is made even more so by ever-tightening regulatory requirements and an increasingly sophisticated demand from investors, lenders and occupiers. Our independent technical advisory and ESG teams have the knowledge and expertise to identify opportunities to add value to your assets, while ensuring that your project meets all relevant regulatory requirements. Our multidisciplinary team will work with you from the design phase through to the construction and hand-over phases, simplifying the process, reducing risk and streamlining project delivery.

Connect with our team

Niall McErlean
Head of Net Zero Buildings
Ciaran O’Leary
Head of ESG
Paula Pereiro Villanueva
Head of Building Certification (ESG)
Thais Nunhes Gomes
Head of R&D (ESG)
Kevin Doyle
Sector Lead - Life Sciences and Manufacturing
Kevin McKeever
Sector lead - Insurance and Risk Services
Eoin Scanlon
Sector Lead - Public Sector
Aoife Greene
Sector Lead - Data Centre
Ciara MacNamee
Head of Design Review
Noel Earley
Head of Project Monitoring and Technical Advisory
David Hodnett
Head of M&E Commissioning Services
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