Building Safety Consultancy - Part 3

With our Building Safety Consultancy service, we engage in the lifecycle of a project from Gateway 2 to Gateway 3 and the handover of the digital golden thread of information to the Accountable Person. We provide the client with independent assurance at all stages of the project lifecycle to ensure that they are complying with their legal duties as a duty holder under the Building Safety Act.

The benefits

1. Achieve Compliance

The Regulator has powers of enforcement under the Act and the ability to prosecute offences committed under the Act, which carry a term of imprisonment of up to two years, a fine, or both. Working with us, you will ensure you comply with the Act and avoid any penalties.

3. Gain Assurance

This legislation is new and there is lack of understanding of the requirements for compliance under the Building Safety Act. We bring the assurance that could be invaluable and deliver tangible benefits.

2. Minimise Risk

Construction cannot commence without Gateway 2 approval, and the building is not allowed to be occupied until a completion certificate is issued. Working with us reduces the risk of your project not achieving sign off from the regulator at Gateway 2 and 3.

4. Golden Thread

For all our services, our team use our proprietary software, Obi, which helps our clients to digitalise and build the golden thread of information from the outset.

How we do it

Based on the Gateways defined in the Building Safety Act, there are three main parts to the service, which we have mapped against the RIBA Plan of Work stages.

1. Design (RIBA stages 2 – stage 4)

We ensure that the information required at Planning Gateway One and for an Application for Building Control Approval [Gateway 2] is complete and demonstrates that the building has been designed in accordance with the building regulations.

3. Completion (RIBA stages 2 to stage 4)

We ensure that all documentation that is required as part of a Completion Certificate Application [Gateway 3] is assembled for submission to the Building Safety Regulator and is in the correct format for handover to the Accountable Person as the duty holder in occupation.

2. Build (RIBA stage 5)

We create an inspection plan around the program and undertakes inspections during construction. Obi provides the platform for managing information, recording evidence of compliance, and maintaining a change log.

To learn more about our Building Safety Consultancy – Part 3 service, and how we can support you, contact our team.

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