Catalyst: Pioneering ESG Services in the Real Estate Sector

As the CEO of Catalyst (formerly i3PT), I am delighted to share our journey and the evolution back our company has been through in recent years. Our company was established to provide client-side independent technical advice on major capital projects. We excelled at this, and we have built an excellent reputation within our industry. Our calling cards have always been our strong ethical core, rigorous processes, and commitment to innovation. Catalyst has always been a company rooted in innovation and forward-thinking. Whether it has been adapting processes and methods from the agribusiness sector or developing intuitive software solutions to drive compliance, we have always pushed for “better”. However, innovation at Catalyst doesn’t end with the development of products or services; we have been innovative with our business model, and our culture has been built around our novel organisation model.

Catalyst has always focused on sustainability and an unwavering commitment to what we now recognise as sound environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. In recent years, we have applied our usual rigor and innovation to the most significant challenge faced by the construction and real estate sectors; creating a more sustainable built environment.

As such, we have engaged in several years of R&D. We have innovated with new ESG software solutions. We have created new service offerings designed to maximise value and minimise our client’s risk. We have recruited a diverse and incredibly talented team. I’m proud to say that today, Catalyst has become a leading provider of ESG services in the European real estate sector. Our evolution in this space has aligned us with the growing demand for sustainable practices and allowed us to contribute meaningfully to a better future for all.

Convergence of Building Safety Regulations and ESG

Recent high-profile failures in building safety have been notable and cases such as the Grenfell Tower disaster are fresh in our memories. This issue is not restricted to the UK and Ireland, where we see sweeping changes to building safety regulations. Given our expertise in building regulations and compliance, we firmly believe that building safety and ESG considerations are intrinsically linked. As the world experiences rapid urbanisation, ensuring that our buildings meet safety standards and align with sustainable practices is crucial. The dichotomy which our industry faces is a complex one. The most sustainable solutions are often not the safest, and vice versa. It is crucial that we get this balance right and that we protect people and the planet at the same time.

Catalyst views the delivery of safer buildings as a core social duty of care beyond compliance. Our goal is to help our clients to prioritise the well-being of occupants and the environment in their development plans.

Core Principles in Supporting ESG Needs

Our approach to supporting clients with ESG needs is anchored in core principles. First and foremost, we prioritise transparency and accountability, empowering our clients to make informed decisions and disclose their ESG performance effectively. We also recognise the importance of stakeholder engagement and actively involve all relevant parties to create a shared vision for sustainability. Finally, we emphasise long-term thinking, understanding that ESG integration requires an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

A Multidisciplinary Team

To deliver comprehensive ESG services, we have assembled a multidisciplinary team of experts who bring diverse perspectives and deep industry knowledge. Our team includes specialists in sustainable finance, building certifications, net-zero buildings, and social impact. By combining these areas of expertise, we offer our clients a holistic approach that addresses the interconnectivity of ESG factors and their impact on real estate operations.

Beyond Strategy: Focusing on Implementation

While ESG strategy is undoubtedly essential, Catalyst is committed to going beyond the theoretical framework and focusing on implementation. We recognise that tangible action is required to effect meaningful change. Through partnerships, collaborations, and leveraging our extensive network, we support our clients in implementing sustainable practices, enhancing their operations, and achieving measurable ESG goals.

Data Quality + Data Coverage

Disclosure requirements underpin most ESG regulations. Whether for SFDR, CSRD, or simply for reporting to one’s stakeholders on the sustainability of our economic activities, tracking and reporting this data is increasingly recognised as a minimum requirement to trade. With our proprietary obi® ESG platform, Catalyst can add further value for our clients, capturing ESG data and key performance indicators for annual disclosure and protecting our clients in the event of future audits. Our platform is simple, powerful and sophisticated. It has been designed to meet all relevant regulations and allows clients to set clear tasks and accountability for sustainability initiatives across their portfolios.

The Future of ESG and Catalyst

Looking ahead, we envision a future where ESG considerations become integral to every business operation. As society becomes increasingly aware of the urgent need for sustainable practices, ESG will continue to grow in importance. Catalyst is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in this evolving landscape. We are excited to lead the way in driving positive change within the real estate sector and across industries as a whole.


Catalyst’s growth and international expansion represents our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. By recognising the convergence of building safety regulations and ESG, we strive to deliver safer buildings as a core social duty of care. Our multidisciplinary team, guided by our core principles and a focus on implementation, enables us to effectively support clients in meeting their ESG needs. As we move forward, Catalyst is poised to shape the future of ESG, empowering businesses to thrive in a sustainable and inclusive world.

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