Two Oaks, Dublin

Two Oaks Residential Scheme is a a significant housing development comprising 480 apartments and 110 duplexes, along with communal leisure and retail facilities located in Knocklyon, Dublin 16. The project was completed in June 2023. The quality of these new fully decorated and furnished A-rated, energy efficient homes is complemented by the beautiful surroundings amid green spaces and mature trees, with generous views of the south Dublin mountains. The development features eight 6 storey apartment blocks and nine 3 storey Duplex Blocks, each of which have access to mix of generous balconies, external terracing, and rear gardens.

Scope & Challenges

Catalyst provided Assigned Certifier Technical Advisory Services, ESG Consultancy Services and Mechanical Commissioning Monitoring Services on this project. This entailed us working closely with the design and construction teams to create a bespoke inspection plan, for the entire project and a material submittal schedule for the entire project, all of which was hosted on our bespoke Obi software platform. We also worked with the client to ensure the asset was brought into compliance with EU Taxonomy and worked with the commissioning team and handover stage.

Key project tasks included:
  • Conducting a full design review in the context of the commissioning requirements.


  • Carrying out inspections and testing on M&E systems.


  • Conducting functional performance testing on a pre-determined percentage of units.


  • Attending meetings and demonstrations.


As part of the design review, Catalyst raised queries regarding the ventilation system, highlighting that the supply ventilation to the units would be inadequate if the window vents were in the closed position which would result in the heat pump compressor running above the intended design and reducing the heat pump’s life span.


The client has a building which has been subjected to rigorous inspections and supervision throughout the design and build process. The records of inspection, benchmarking, and quality management, as well as all final certificates and all significant test records, are stored and filed in a searchable manner. All parties have engaged in a risk-based approach to achieve compliance with the building regulations and the net effect is a better-built, EU taxonomy compliant asset.

All issues were successfully resolved as follows:
  • A condition clause was included in the O&M file stating that tenants must leave the window vents open.


  • The contractor signed an agreement stating that any compressor that failed due to a lack of supply ventilation in the first five years, and needed to be replaced, would be replaced at the contractor’s expense.


  • Ventilation systems were re-balanced.


  • A large proportion of the heating system was re-purged using a fill-and-flush pump.


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