The Exo Building

The Exo Building's innovative and striking design makes it a new focal point for Dublin’s Docklands. With 15 storeys of elegance, beauty and strength, elevated to facilitate easy circulation, the EXO presents an exciting opportunity like no other for occupiers. The attractiveness and merit of the EXO was clearly demonstrated by the decision of the major state body, An Post, to relocate their headquarters and lease 79,000 sq. ft. of high-quality office space.

Scope & Challenges

Catalyst undertook an EU Taxonomy scoping and alignment service to ensure the building met the technical screening requirements for new construction. This required an analysis of the energy performance of the building, a bespoke climate vulnerability and risk assessment, and an assessment of the adaptability and disassembly performance of the building.


The property has been optimised to meet rigorous sustainability standards, providing a range of significant benefits.

These advantages include:
  • Enhanced Sustainability: properties aligned with the EU Taxonomy demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. By adhering to the taxonomy’s criteria, these properties contribute to broad EU sustainability goals.
  • Access to funding opportunities is also increased: Alignment with the EU Taxonomy opens doors to various funding opportunities, grants, and incentives specifically targeting sustainable assets. The property owner thus gains access to necessary financial resources for upgrades, renovations, or retrofitting projects.
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