Hampton Wood

Hampton Wood is a residential development of 127 apartments over five blocks ranging in height from 3 to 8 stories. The scheme consists of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, an amenity space with creche and café on the ground floor, and an underground car park.

Scope & Challenges

Catalyst were tasked with carrying out Third-Party Commissioning Verification during the project.

Key project tasks included:
  • Reviewing the design and the commissioning program.

  • Attending regular meetings with Client, Contractor, and Subcontractors.

  • Conducting inspections during the construction and commissioning stage

  • Coordinated commissioning activities.

  • Carrying out functional performance testing on M&E systems on a pre-determined percentage of units.

  • Attending demonstrations.

  • Ensuring the correct training on M&E systems was provided to the Client team.



Throughout the duration of the project, 34 inspections were carried out and over 250 issues were raised. These included:

  1. Discovering multiple discrepancies in the ventilation systems in over 30% of the units tested. The system was not achieving the required ventilation rates under Irish Building Regulation 2019 Technical Guidance Document F Ventilation.
  2. During inspections of the fire alarm system, it was discovered that the AOVs were not opening and closing correctly and, when the alarm was activated, the Fire Man lift in Block 3 was not dropping to the ground floor.
  3. All dry riser inlet breech valves were installed upside down.


Catalyst chaired an emergency meeting between the Client, Contractor, Subcontractor, and Specialist Contractor to discuss the discrepancies in the ventilation systems.

Re-Commissioned Ventilation System

Following this meeting, the ventilation system was re-commissioned, and Catalyst carried out sample checks to confirm that the ventilation system was meeting the requirements under TGD F.

Rectified fire Alarm System

The fire alarm system was re-demoed and the non-compliant issues were rectified.

Reinstalled Inlet Breech Valves

All dry riser inlet breech valves were reinstalled, the system was retested, and the installer supplied a new certificate.

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