Capital Dock

Capital Dock is a significant mixed-use development situated on Sir John Rogerson's Quay in Dublin, Ireland. It occupies a prominent location on the waterfront, adjacent to Grand Canal Dock, and represents a landmark project in the city. Notably, it is recognized as the tallest residential building in the Republic of Ireland, standing at an impressive height of 79 metres. Capital Dock serves as a vibrant and dynamic addition to Dublin's skyline, contributing to the city's architectural diversity

The development encompasses a campus that comprises both commercial and residential components, offering a diverse range of spaces and amenities. In terms of commercial offerings, Capital Dock boasts an extensive 32,000 square metres of office space. This office space is spread across three separate buildings, all of which have achieved the LEED gold standard for their environmentally sustainable design and construction.

The residential aspect of the project includes 17,600 square metres of apartments, providing comfortable living spaces for residents. These apartments are equipped with various shared tenant amenity spaces, catering to the needs and desires of the residents. The inclusion of such amenities aims to enhance the overall living experience within the development.

Scope & Challenges

Catalyst were engaged as the Assigned Certifier for both the base build and fit-out works of the Capital Dock project. This responsibility involved overseeing and coordinating the inspections of a large number of design team members, comprising more than 30 individuals. Additionally, Catalyst also managed the inspections of over 65 contractors and subcontractors involved in the project.

Successfully navigating the coordination of multiple stakeholders, compliance with BCAR regulations and inspection management was crucial for Catalyst to fulfil its role as the Assigned Certifier for the Capital Dock project, ensuring compliance, quality, and adherence to building regulations throughout the development of the project.


The effective implementation of Catalyst’s BCAR strategy was instrumental in ensuring the timely commencement, completion and fit-out of the multiple blocks, despite the demanding construction schedule.

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