Bonham Quay

Bonham Quay is a landmark mixed-use development situated alongside the docks in the heart of Galway City. The master plan for Bonham Quay contained a total of four buildings. The combined gross internal area of the development is an impressive 34,765 square metres, with an additional 3,879 square metres of external space within the building footprints.

This landmark development offers a diverse range of commercial office and retail spaces, catering to the needs of its diverse tenants. The buildings within Bonham Quay enjoy direct access to existing road and utility service infrastructure, as well as excellent transportation links, ensuring convenient connectivity for occupants and visitors alike.

Scope & Challenges

The project entailed the construction of a modern office development consisting of four office blocks interconnected by two public squares. The design incorporates the integration of landscape bridges, creating seamless connections between the different elements of the development.


The project has been thoughtfully designed to cater to a vibrant working community of 2,600 individuals. In addition to the office spaces, the development features various amenities that seamlessly integrate with the existing city fabric. These amenities include on-site retail options, dedicated commuter spaces, and cultural areas, enhancing the overall experience for occupants and visitors alike.

Situated on a former industrial site with views overlooking Galway Docks, the design incorporates extensive use of glazing, providing abundant natural light and maximising opportunities to appreciate the surrounding views.

The development has achieved notable sustainability certifications, including a One Planet Living certification, showcasing its commitment to eco-conscious practices and reducing environmental impact. Furthermore, the project has been awarded LEED Gold accreditation, demonstrating its adherence to high standards of green building and resource efficiency.

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