Boland’s Quay

Boland's Quay is a landmark waterfront development that seamlessly blends the historical charm of restored 1830s grain storage and stone mills with contemporary architectural design. This iconic site in the city offers a vibrant mix of residential, retail, and office spaces, representing the convergence of Dublin's past and future. The development features three tapered towers that rise above a three-story basement, adding a modern touch to the skyline. Alongside these new landmarks, the restoration of the original grain storage and stone mills showcases the preservation of the site's rich heritage.

Scope & Challenges

The Boland’s Quay project presented significant challenges due to its nature as a large and complex city centre development that spanned nearly six years on site. The scope of work involved the intricate refurbishment and conversion of existing stone mill and storage buildings, alongside the construction of three new high-rise structures—a residential tower and two office towers—all interconnected by a shared basement.


Enhancing connectivity, a new pedestrian bridge and two plazas link the Boland’s Quay campus to the surrounding Silicon Docks. Additionally, a spacious 549m2 area has been dedicated to hosting cultural events, fostering a dynamic and engaging environment.

The development spans a total area of 36,851m2, accommodating a thriving community of up to 2,500 workers. Environmental consciousness is at the forefront of the project, with the entire Boland’s Quay development targeting a LEED Gold standard.

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