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Catalyst’s Assigned Certifier Service Simplifies Documentation and Ensures Smooth Handovers for Cairn Homes

Cairn are builders and developers working to develop a new, more sustainable way to deliver housing in Ireland. Committed to exceptional design, sustainability, and community, we are dedicated to creating innovative residential spaces where people can thrive.

Working with Catalyst adds value for the lifetime of a building.

  • Kevin Cleary, Technical Director, Cairn

Many of our projects at Cairn are high-density projects which involve many different stakeholders. There could be hundreds of individual units in any project, and within any one unit, there might be 2,000 components. If just one is queried, it can hold up the whole project, which is particularly stressful during a project where a phased handover is required.

Every component is crucial because each could lead to a subsequent defect down the line, but by working from the outset to collate and submit technical documentation, you can resolve queries at any point in the future.

Working with Catalyst, we apply that thorough approach from day one, making it easier for everyone involved to follow relevant industry processes and capture appropriate documentation – even on complex projects.

We utilise their Assigned Certifier services, which cover all stages of the construction process, from design and planning to completion and handover. With every detail accounted for, you know exactly what you built and how you built it, so if problems arise, the information is there to support swift remediation.

Whenever there’s a challenge around governance, structure, or compliance, it pays to have independent certification, so it’s a wise move; working with an independent assigned certifier ensures we have that essential oversight.

“Catalyst helped educate our project teams and suppliers, so every project benefits from a disciplined approach”.

As an industry, there can be a lack of awareness around the technical documentation process; however, Catalyst has helped us to instil increased rigour. Their support to communicate that message – both to our project teams and supply chain partners – benefits everyone.

Now, all our stakeholders understand the necessity of uploading documentation as the project progresses, ensuring that all checks are done along the way and technical documents are submitted throughout. Disputes are minimised and getting projects over the line is easier. As a result, we now try to apply this discipline to all our projects.

The advantages become self-evident at the end of a project when uploading everything to the Building Control Management System (BCMS). A building might require a Fire Safety Certificate, a Disability Access Certificate or a Certificate of Compliance on Completion. With Catalyst, everything is accounted for and documented; that’s when you really appreciate the value they add.

“Their experience is invaluable because all building control prerequisites are met with ease”.

In fact, Catalyst brings wide-ranging experience to bear on every stage of a project. They have a skilled team of certifiers and site inspectors with a multi-disciplinary approach. That means we benefit from their deep knowledge of the construction sector and how it is evolving. It ensures the service they provide is a cut above.

Not only that, but their strong brand also continues to improve our offering at the point of sale, and even beyond. With a good reputation and exhaustive industry knowledge, Catalyst adds credibility. Institutions can buy from us confidently, and people can get mortgages easily, so our products are easier to sell.

“Ultimately, Catalyst’s independent expertise ensures our build projects carry a stamp of integrity”.

That’s important to us. At Cairn, we’re building at scale, creating residential neighbourhoods that will be around for years to come. Sustainability is at the heart of this endeavour as we want to create communities that will thrive long after completion. That means we must focus on health and safety, responsible sourcing, and community engagement.

Catalyst’s expertise underpins this approach, supporting us in building safe, sustainable buildings that are well-documented for future generations.

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